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The SeHeMe Project in Tunisia: National Magazine Coverage

7 March, 2023

By Ines Mansouri from PADIL

The SeHeMe project has soared to new heights in its quest for visibility, securing a prominent spot in the esteemed Tunisian national magazine “ASSABAH”. This strategic move serves as a powerful platform to introduce the project, offering insights into its objectives, achievements, and the transformative journey ahead.

The Tunisian national magazine coverage is not merely a feature; it’s a gateway to reaching diverse readerships and key stakeholders who can contribute to the success of the SeHeMe project. “ASSABAH” provides us with a unique opportunity to showcase the project’s impact on a national scale, highlighting the importance of media literacy and the inclusion of migrants and asylum seekers in our collective narrative.

As we celebrate this milestone, our commitment to transparency and continuous engagement remains unwavering. Plans are already in motion for a follow-up announcement in January 2023, ensuring that readers stay informed about the progress, challenges, and inspiring stories that unfold within the SeHeMe project. We look forward to this ongoing collaboration with “ASSABAH” and the broader community as we pave the way for a more inclusive and media-literate future.